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Copper 4" Tri-Clover Bubble Plate
Copper 4" Tri-Clover Bubble Plate

Copper Bubble Plate - 4" TC

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This Bubble Plate is an excellent addition to any distillation setup, especially reflux still columns. Made from 99.9% pure copper and completely lead-free (T2 grade), it effectively separates alcohol and water in visible sections. This design allows distillers to monitor the distillation process through several sight glasses. For those looking to produce high-quality neutral spirits, you can boost efficiency by adding more bubble plates and extending the column with a reflux condenser or dephlegmator.

This Bubble Plate comes equipped with five bubble caps and a single downcomer.

  • Made out of T2 Lead Free 99.9% Pure Copper
  • Silicone Gasket
  • For use with 4" TC fittings
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