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Canadian online brewing supply store meeting all your homemade wine, homebrewing and draft beer dispensing needs. We offer a comprehensive selection of home brewing equipment kits, homemade beer recipe ingredient kits (extract and all-grain), fresh ingredients for brewing beer (grains, hops, yeasts and malts), complete kegerator conversion kits and plenty of stainless steel brewer's kettles and hardware. Oh - did we mention that we also have cornie beer kegs, both pin and ball lock.

Whether you are a novice starting on your kitchen stove or an experienced brewmaster looking for a professional pilot system, we have all the quality home brewing supplies that you will need and at unbelievable prices. Our craft beer supplies are not just for breweries. We sell ingredients and equipment in various sizes, meaning you can make great beer at home too!. We also have larger pieces of brewing equipment such as 10 barrel brites and unitank for those looking to brew in larger quantities.

Winemaking kits, ingredients and equipment for bottling and dispensing are also part of our inventory. Take a look at our wine, cider and beer making books (some with easy to follow recipes), plus general guides to assist you along your brewing journey.

Ontario Beer Kegs is not just your online go-to for everything beer making related - we also have a great selection of indoor, outdoor and camping cookware. Take a look at our stainless steel deep fryers and burners, stockpots, cast iron pans and grills.

We don't claim to be Canada's largest homebrewing supplier, however, after looking at our selection and pricing, homebrewers across Canada and now the United States, keep returning to OntarioBeerKegs.com to place their orders.