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Dual Cobra Tap - Basic Kit
Dual Cobra Tap - Basic Kit

Dual Cobra Tap - Basic Kit (Ball Lock Cornelius)

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Dual Cobra Dispensing Kit. This takes our original Cobra Kit and doubles it up for a two keg set up. Most of this kit comes assembled. Simply tighten the clamps on the red carbon dioxide line as shown to the gas distributor and regulator. This very popular portable beer serving station is designed with ease of use and quality no hassle parts.Draft beer is easy to pour. Always make sure your beer is cold to reduce foam. Ideal PSI range is 12-14 pounds a square inch.

*New (Empty)Luxfer Aluminum CO2 Tank is Optional

Additional Stainless Steel Swivel Nut - 5/16" Barb and Flare Fitting Washer 1/4" are meant for use with the optional dual product regulators.

  • Taprite High Performance Primary Dual Product Dual Gauge Regulator
  • 6' of Bevlex 200 Beer Line (Thick wall 3/16" ID X 7/16" OD) for each tap
  • 4' of Ultraflex Gas Tubing (5/16" ID x 9/16" OD) for each gas connection
  • Ball Lock MFL Threaded Gas & Beverage CMBecker Disconnects
  • Stainless Steel Swivel Nuts (1/4" Barb for Beverage, 5/16" Barb for Gas)
  • 2x Cobra Tap (Picnic Faucet)
  • Stainless Steel Hose Clamps
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