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Duotight Push-In FC Ball Lock Liquid Disconnect - 8mm
Duotight Push-In FC Ball Lock Liquid Disconnect - 8mm

Duotight (Push-In) Flow Control Ball Lock Liquid Disconnect - 5/16" (8mm)

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This liquid disconnect is made out of incredibly durable and resistant materials with stainless steel springs and ball bearings. Stands up well against commonly used chemicals such as phosphoric based sanitizers and caustics.

These Duotight disconnects allow for the direct attachment to your beer and gas lines, which results in an easy, convenient, and reliable alternative to standard disconnects. Converting your setup to all Push-In hardware eliminates the need for additional fittings and clamps.

Thanks to the robust design of these disconnects they require no tools at all when assembling or disassembling. Instead they are designed to ensure a pressure seal simply by hand tightening. Not requires any tools coupled with the ease of disassembly makes cleaning and sanitizing far easier and quicker than with standard disconnects. In addition, the unique compact form factor makes them perfect for keg stacking.

The flow control variant of the Duotight Keg Disconnects are designed to provide an an easy way to balance your beer lines. The flow control design makes it so you don't need to rely on tubing with a smaller inner diameter or line length to apply flow resistance as these disconnects already handle that. Ideally suited for setups that have a large range of beverages with different carbonation levels as they allow for you to adjust the resistance with ease.

Duotight fittings are designed to work by simply pushing in the compatible tubing.

Inside each fitting are dual EPDM o-rings that provide superior sealing capacity due to having twice the sealing surface area when compared to other push in fittings. This makes Duotight fittings even more reliable and significantly reduces the chance of a leak.

For optimal performance it is recommended that when cutting your tubing it is cut straight, not on an angle, this helps to ensure a complete seal.

Meant to be used with 5/16" OD (8mm) Polyethylene Tubing.

Designed For Use With Kegland Posts, May Not Fit Correctly With Posts Not On The Compatibility List

Important Notes:
  • This disconnect is designed to be used with Kegland Posts, compatibility with posts not on the compatibility list varies with some not fitting and others being a tight fit.
  • Even in the fully open position these flow control disconnects still provide some flow resistance. As such you should use either shorter lines or larger ID lines compared to standard ball lock disconnects.
  • This product is NOT to be cleaned with chemicals

  • Made out of Plastic
  • Duotight (Push In) Connection
  • Ball Lock
  • Liquid Disconnect
  • Flow Control
  • Includes internal dual EPDM o-rings for superior sealing
  • Designed for use with 5/16" OD (8mm) Polyethylene Tubing
  • 2 11/16" Height

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