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Silicone Hose (1/2" ID, 1" OD).
Silicone Hose (1/2" ID, 1" OD).

Extra Thick Silicone Tubing - 1/2 inch ID X 1 inch OD (Per Foot)

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The wort needs to be transferred to another container for fermentation. Most home brewers get away by pouring the liquid manually but this increases the likelihood of getting scalded if the liquid gets spilled accidentally. Home brewers who have been brewing beer for a period of time become familiar with tubing. Siphoning the wort to a carboy saves a lot of backbreaking work of transferring the liquid to another container.

There are different types of tubes that can be used in home brewing and one of them is silicone tubing. The silicone hose is a good type of tube for transferring hot liquid as it can handle high heat. It is also very flexible and does not curl unlike vinyl tubing. It also stays in the bottling bucket unlike other types of hoses.

This food-grade silicone hose is an extra thick version of our 1/2" Inside Diameter silicone hose. Standard sized 1/2" silicone hose traditionally has a 3/4" OD, this tubing however is 1" thick. Using this far thicker tubing means that you no longer need to worry about your lines kinking and provides a great interruption free flow. It can be used to filter pellet hops but whole hops may get stuck in the hose. The hose is safe to use in transferring hot liquid and since it is food grade, it does not transfer any odor or off flavour to the hot wort or water.

The Peroxide curing used with this tubing makes it more translucent. Also the tubing may need to be washed prior to use.

Note: The quantity you enter is what lets us know how many feet you need. For example: "Qty 6" is 6 feet.

  • Made out of Extra Thick Food Grade Silicone
  • Super Flexible - even when cold
  • Extra thickness ensures kink free transfer of liquids and long life span
  • Perfect for post-boil wort and transferring hot liquids


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