Extended Warranty

We carry a standard 30 day warranty on all our products except where otherwise stated. Our Extended Warranty when purchased goes into effect following the pre-existing warranty coverage and lasts for 1 year (365 days). In cases where a product already comes with a warranty greater than 30 days the Extended Warranty will go into effect following the pre-existing warranty period.

What Does our Extended Warranty Cover?

During the Extended Warranty Period, Ontario Beer Kegs will cover products and their parts that prove defective during normal use and maintenance. This covers damages that occur during normal wear and tear, as well as failures caused by improper material or workmanship.

Normal use is defined as using a product the way it is initially intended, following use instructions, and not modifying the product in way that would harm/damage the product or its components.

Maintenance covers the activities undertaken or required to conserve the original condition of the product for as long as possible while compensating for normal wear and tear.

During the Extended Warranty coverage period Ontario Beer Kegs will repair or replace, free of charge; any part that proves to be defective in material or workmanship. This coverage only extends to the product and it's parts, it does NOT cover consumable items such as gaskets, o-rings, and tubing.

If the product requires extensive repairs and it is more viable to replace the product we will replace the product in it's entirety. In cases such as these the remaining coverage will be applied to the new product.

What Doesn't Our Extended Warranty Cover?

Our Extended Warranty does not cover any issues that are caused by:

  • Deliberately damaging the product(s)
  • Improper use resulting in damages
  • Improper maintenance resulting in damages
  • Physical alterations by the user
  • Minor Cosmetic Damages (such as colour alterations due to chemicals)
  • Major accidents that damage or destroy the product (such as running over the product)
  • Leaving non-weather resistant equipment outdoors
How Will We Fulfill Our Coverage?

We will work together with the customer to get their product back up to a working state as soon as possible.

In most cases the product will simply need a replacement part. In these instances we will ship out replacement part(s) to restore the defective product.

If a customer does not wish to replace the parts themselves and instead pay labor to install the replacement parts, Ontario Beer Kegs does NOT cover the cost of labor.

If the product can't be restored to its working state with replacement parts it will need to be sent to us for repairs. In the event that the product can't be repaired we will replace the product with a new working unit.

All warranty repairs and replacements are done in house at Ontario Beer Kegs.

In the event that a product needs to be sent in, Ontario Beer Kegs will cover shipping.

How Long Does Our Extended Coverage Last?

The Extended Warranty Period's effective start date is after the pre-existing coverage ends. For most products this will be 30 days from date of purchase, however some of our products come with a manufacturer warranty that is longer than our standard warranty which covers the first 30 days.

We offer extended coverage from the date of purchase. After the date of purchase we can no longer offer our Extended Warranty.

Our Extended Warranty provides coverage for 1 year (365 days). It maintains the effective end date that was set at the time of purchase. No additional days will be added onto the extended coverage due to time spent in transit, or time spent being repaired/replaced.

How to Claim Coverage?

To obtain warranty service simply contact us using our Contact Page. Please include your order number and account information so your extended coverage can be verified.

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