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Escarpment Labs - Hydra Hybrid Yeast
Escarpment Labs - Hydra Hybrid Yeast

Escarpment Labs Hydra Hybrid Yeast

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Escarpment Labs' Hydra is a brand new hybrid yeast that is excellent for your hazy IPAs. It is a new genetic hybrid of two popular stains, Cerberus and Vermont. Hydra offers you lower attenuation (65 - 72%) for a more juicy flavour with strong citrus and mango aromatics. The lower attenuation works well when combating the higher attenuation that is caused by hop creep resulting in unbalanced hazy IPAs. Perfect yeast for hazy, hoppy beers from sessions to DIPAs.

Please Note: We recommend extra wort oxygenation when using this strain for optimal fermentation performance (atleast 10 PPM).

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Yeast Statistics:
  • Attenuation: 65 - 72%
  • Flocculation: Low - Medium
  • Optimum Fermentation Temperature: 68 - 77°F
  • Alcohol Tolerance: Medium
  • Flavour Profile: Mango, Stone Fruit
  • Diastatic: Non-Diastatic
  • Biotransformation: High
  • Fermentation Rate: Medium
  • Phenolic: Non-Phenolic
  • Suitable Beer Types: American IPA, NEIPA, Session IPA

Includes Free Ice Pack
We highly recommend adding a Metallic Insulated Yeast Mailer when buying liquid yeast. The mailer keeps your yeast cold for an additional 24 hours. It can safely hold up to 4 yeast and ice packs. We only guarantee yeast that is shipped using these mailers.

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