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Mash Tun False Bottom Adapter Assembly
Mash Tun False Bottom Adapter Assembly

False Bottom Adapter Assembly

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There are many ways of extracting the clear liquid wort after the boiling process and one of them is by using a false bottom. However, what if your false bottom is smaller than your pot? How will you be able to extract the wort? The solution is no rocket science and all you need is a false bottom adapter assembly.

This particular assembly is used to connect a false bottom to any welded kettle port. This product comes with the steel barbs and clamps to secure the connection of the false bottom, adapter and kettle port. It also comes with a 1/2" silicone hose which is necessary to collect the clear wort from under the false bottom and out towards the kettle port. The silicone hose is long enough for any sized mash tun, thus it can be trimmed down for smaller pots.

To attach the false bottom adapter assembly, insert the false bottom at the base of the kettle and then attach the male false bottom assembly to the female welded kettle port. Measure and cut the silicone tube to the desired length of the male false bottom assembly. Insert the 3/8" barb to the false bottom of the tube and tighten with a hose clamp. To install the other end of the hose to the female kettle port, you may need to use a lock nut and O-ring to create a leak-free connection. Installing the false bottom adapter assembly is very easy and it can be done using basic tools.

Please note - this adapter assembly comes with one hose clamp. Use the provided stainless hose clamp on the 3/8" barb of a false bottom. This will provide the seal needed. It will also allow you to remove the false bottom without prying the hose off your barb.

  • Stainless steel clamps and barbs and silicone hose to hold everything in place.
  • The length of the silicone hose is long enough so that you can make the necessary adjustment to its length.
  • Can easily be installed using minor basic tools.
  • Compatible with any cylindrical mash tun with the female port.


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