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False Bottom Adapter Assembly Female
False Bottom Adapter Assembly Female

False Bottom Adapter Assembly - Female

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The false bottom adapter assembly is a great way to connect any types of false bottom to a brew pot. It is a great way to convert an ordinary brew pot into a mash tun so you don't have to buy a new pot. Made from high quality stainless steel and heat-resistant silicone, this false bottom adapter female assembly is used to attach any false bottom to a male welded kettle port.

It comes with stainless steel barbs and clamps that are used to create a secure and leak-free connection. It also features a silicone hose that can withstand extreme hot temperatures. The silicone hose is used to connect the false bottom to the kettle port. The silicone hose is long enough so that you can trim it to fit the length of the port and the false bottom.

To install this particular false bottom adapter female assembly, it is important to place the false bottom at the base of the brew pot. Attach the male assembly in the middle of the false bottom and insert the tube that has already been measured and trimmed. Insert the barb and tighten with the stainless steel clamp to create a secure fit.

This product is packaged only with one hose clamp to connect to the male fitting. Use the provided stainless hose clamp on the 3/8" barb of a false bottom. This will provide the seal needed. It will also allow you to remove the false bottom without prying the hose off your barb.

You may also need to get an additional lock nut and O-ring (silicone gasket) to seal the silicone hose to the welded kettle port.

  • The silicone hose is long enough to fit any mash tun and can be trimmed down if needed.
  • Silicone hose can withstand extreme heat.
  • Compatible with a false bottom having a welded male kettle port
  • Comes with 1/2"male fitting, 1/2" barb and 1/2" silicone hose


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