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Ss BrewTech FTSs for 10 Gallon Brite Tank
Ss BrewTech FTSs for 10 Gallon Brite Tank

Ss Brewtech Brite Tank FTSs (Chilling Only) - 10 Gallon

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FTSs takes advantage of a precision temperature controller that continually monitors the temperature of your beer to within 1° of it's set point. Once the temperature changes by over 1° the controller circulates your chilled liquid through the coils stabilizing the temperature.

This Ss BrewTech FTSs is made specifically for our Ss BrewTech 10 Gallon Brite Tank. The included coil has a 6" TC cap that attaches seamlessly with the top port on the brite tank. It is made out of 304 stainless steel and extends 18 1/2" into the vessel. The neoprene jacket is custom made to fit the 10 gallon brite tank and has cut out holes for all the different components on the exterior of the brite tank. It is made to maintain a constant temperature, keeping the contents warm in the winter and cold in the summer.

Compatible With:

  • Neoprene 5mm Thick Jacket with Zipper
  • 6" TC Immersion Coil (For 10 Gallon Brite Tank)
  • Professional grade submersible pump
  • 110-240V 3A Power Supply
  • Digital Temperature Control displays in both C/F
  • Fermentation Temp Stabilization System
  • Chill from 0.5 - 2 degrees F per minute
  • Accurately monitor and control temperatures
  • 3/8" OD Barbs (Coil Inlet/Outlet)
  • Includes 10' of 3/8" vinyl tubing and 2 hose clamps (Per Inlet/Outlet)

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