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Ss Brewtech FTSs Touch | Temperature Control | Unitank/BME Chronical/Brite Tank
Ss Brewtech FTSs Touch | Temperature Control | Unitank/BME Chronical/Brite Tank

Ss Brewtech FTSs Touch Temperature Control

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The Ss Brewtech FTSs Touch Temperature Control is the next generation of Fermentation Temperature Stabilization Systems (FTSs) from Ss Brewtech. It is the top of the line when it comes to controlling your beer's temperature and features an easy to use digital touch screen that monitors and adjusts the temperature 24/7 while activating the circulation pump to ensure the fermentation temperature stays sat your desired point. Provides the same level of performance that is provided by Ss Brewtech to commercial breweries. The 3 1/2" touchscreen is the perfect balance between compact design and functionality, that displays temperature in large text and high contract at a glance.

Use the FTSs's USB port to export your data that can be dropped into Excel to display high detailed information and graphing of what occurred during a fermentation cycle. Easily analyze what went wrong or right during the fermentation process to better improve your next brew thanks to the data and information provided. It also includes temperature presets that can be set up and enabled with a single touch. This feature is great for quickly and easily switching between different beer styles that require different temperatures. One key improvement over the older FTSs models is the significant decrease in thermal delta. Thus providing increased precision over standard industry on/off controllers. Update your FTSs Touch by using the USB port that will improve functionality, add additional features, improve temperature delta, or to accommodate new products.

Designed to be used in conjunction with the immersion chiller coils in the compatible Unitanks, BrewMaster Edition Chronicals, and Brite Tanks. Simply supply the cool water source and you can easily crash cool as well.

In order to use the heating features of this FTSs system a compatible Touch Heating Pad is required. Older versions of the heating pad are NOT compatible.

Compatible Ss Brewtech BME Chronical Fermenters:

Compatible Ss Brewtech Chronical Fermenters:

Compatible Ss Brewtech Unitanks:

Compatible Ss Brewtech BME Brite Tanks:

Please Note: The included mount attaches to any size Tri-Clover connection

  • FTSs Touch Digital Temperature Control (Displays In Both C/F)
  • FTSs Professional Grade Submersible Pump
  • FTSs Pump Ice Guard
  • FTSs Nub (Junction Box)
  • Digital Thermoprobe
  • 12V DC 1.5A Power Supply
  • FTSs Touch Stand Mount
  • Stainless Steel Tri-Clover Stand Mount
  • Cable/Tubing Management Ties
  • Silicone Tubing - 3/8" x 10'
  • Stainless Steel Hose Clamps x 4
  • Accurately monitor and control temperatures


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