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Glycol Chiller - 1/4 HP
Glycol Chiller - 1/4 HP

Glycol Chiller - 1/4 HP

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Made in Canada

This is a 1/4 HP 1875 BTU/Hr Glycol Chiller that can maintain lager temperatures and allows for crash cooling with up to 2 vessels.

All of our glycol chillers are industrial/commercial grade, and fully certified providing the upmost quality when it comes to glycol chilling.

Designed from the ground up, this chiller fully integrates seamlessly with our FTSs kits further expanding and empowering your temperature control.

Due to each FTSs kit having its own temperature controller, tubing, and pump, each container connects with its own independent loop to the glycol chiller. This gives you the ability to ferment at ale temperatures in one container, maintain precise serve temperatures in another, or crash cooling temperatures in yet another vessel.

These options offer unparalleled flexibility and further expands your operation.

Service & Specification Manual

Does NOT come with it's own pump.
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