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Neoprene 4L "Mini-Keg" Growler Jacket
Neoprene 4L "Mini-Keg" Growler Jacket

Kegland "Mini-Keg" Growler Neoprene Jacket - 4 L

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This Mini-Keg jacket is made out of neoprene and is meant to be used with the 4 Liter Stainless Steel "Mini-Keg" Growler. The jacket is made out of heavy duty 5/8" thick insulated neoprene, a material that prevents temperature from escaping and prevents condensation build-up. Slides easy on and off of mini-keg.

It comes with a velcro carrying strap that attaches to the top allowing you to carry it around easily, in addition it allows for the use of accessories such as a neoprene lid. The jacket also has 3 pockets that allow for the easy storage of 16 gram Co2 cartridges.

Keg and Co2 Cartridges are NOT Included

  • Neoprene Material
  • Velcro Carrying Straps
  • Sewn Bottom
  • 12 3/4" Height
  • 5 1/4" Inner Diameter
  • 5/8" Thick
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