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Kölsch - 5.25 US Gallon All Grain Homebrew Recipe Kit
Kölsch - 5.25 US Gallon All Grain Homebrew Recipe Kit

OBK Kolsch (5.25 US Gal)

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A clean, crisp, delicately balanced beer usually with very subtle fruit flavours and aromas. Subdued maltiness throughout leads to a pleasantly refreshing tang in the finish. To the untrained taster this style could easily be mistaken for a light lager, a somewhat subtle pilsner, or perhaps a blonde ale.

This style is an appellation protected by the Kolsch Konvention, and is restricted to the 20 or so breweries in and around Cologne. The Konvention simply defines the beer as a "light, highly attenuated, hop-accentuated, clear-fermenting Vollbier."

Smooth and crisp, medium-light bodied. Served in a tall, narrow 200ml glass called a "Stange."

All Recipe Kits Include Crushed Grains, Hops, and Yeast
Est. ABV: 4.7% | Recipe & Instructions
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