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OBK 5.25 US Gallon Toy Soldier Stout
OBK 5.25 US Gallon Toy Soldier Stout

OBK Toy Soldier Stout With Toasted Oak Chips & Vanilla Beans (5.25 US Gal)

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Aroma is coffee-like roast and hints of chocolate and floral/citrus hops. Flavour is roasted grain, vanilla coffee, chocolate, caramel, and a mild bitterness. Overall a very dark, roasty, creamy ale.
Toasted Oak Chips and Vanilla Beans give this Holiday Stout added complexity. Add both after fermentation is completed, age to taste (typically 1-2 weeks).

All Recipe Kits Include Crushed Grains, Hops, and Yeast
Est. ABV: 5.5% | Recipe & Instructions
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While Toy Soldier Stout recipe kits are meant for adults only, the sale of each and every one of them directly benefits the children and their families in our community. Once again our family and staff are pleased to announce that the purchase price from every Toy Soldier kit will be given to help those have a merrier Christmas.

Our Toy Soldier campaign does run throughout the year starting on Dec. 1st of each year until Nov. 30th of the following year. So... all purchases of our Toy Soldier stout recipe kits bought during the year (not just during special promotions) is tallied up on Dec. 1st.

(prior year updates below)

Toy Soldier Stout is a warm and satisfying hearty drink with just enough spice to know it is different. Although offered year round, this kit really shines at Christmas when the magic of it is shared with others.

For those who would like to participate (thank you) without buying the kit, please consider purchasing a Gift Certificate at the link below. Simply put "Toy Soldier" in one of the fields.

Gift Certificate

The Walkers,Patrick, Angela, Aarya, Ayla & Byron

When you buy a Toy Soldier Stout Kit you will receive one of our Toy Soldier Stout Pint Glasses.

Prior Years

2016 saw my family at Walkom's Valuemart in Mitchell on Sat. Dec. 3/16 loading our carts. This food was distributed throughout our community to those in need.

Thanks to the generosity of our customers who bought these stout recipe kits and those who donated by purchasing gift certificates specifying Toy Soldier, we were able to raise and donate over $8000.00 to our community. While to some this might not seem like a large amount, the Salvation Army is still looking at some other ways to distribute these funds within our area.

For those of you who may have missed the Facebook post on Jan. 13, 2017, here is how the campaign finished off.

2016 Toy Soldier Stout: The Conclusion


In 2015 We worked with the Salvation Army. And Walmart of Stratford (Thank you Cindy). We wanted to be a bit more hands on in 2015. We filled eight shopping carts highlights were:
37 thick warm coats
63 pairs of insulated boots
And 20 sets of hats and mittens.


In 2014 We worked with Grace Lutheran Church in Mitchell Ontario. With the support of our customers we were able to contribute slightly over 3000.00 dollars to assist with warm winter clothing from tots to teen sizes. With the help of the Church we were able to ensure the garments went to the families that needed them the most.


In 2013 the Toy Soldier recipe kits raised enough to purchase and distribute twenty seven bicycles. Our United Church handed out vouchers to young local teenagers of families in need. These teenagers were targeted for a reason. They have younger siblings to pass the bikes on to. Thus increasing the lifespan of the gift. These bicycles were bought at wholesale cost from Faust Home Hardware in Mitchell Ontario. The Faust crew assembled all the bicycles and coordinated the distribution. I would like to give a special thank you to the folks at Faust Hardware for their support. And raise a toast to everybody who is enjoying this beer brewed with heart.
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