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Home Brew Equipment & Kegging Kit
Home Brew Equipment & Kegging Kit

Home Brewing Equipment Kit #4 - Complete Kegging

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Our complete Home Brewing Equipment & Kegging Kit for full boil 5 Gallon batches of beer, featuring an 8 Gallon Stainless Steel Brew Pot fitted with 2" Probe Thermometer and 3 Piece Ball Valve. Full boil improves the quality of your beer and brewing it this way from the beginning will be more satisfying. The size of the brew pot reduces the chance of boil-overs, and with the built-in ball valve, it eliminates the need for lifting and pouring.

This kit has all the necessary equipment for brewing, fermenting, kegging & dispensing a successful batch of beer, perfect for use with our 5-Gallon Malt Extract Recipe Kits.

When it comes time for packaging your beer, you'll be all set with our Cobra Tap Complete Kegging Kit. All you need is the fridge to store your keg. Dispense your homebrew through the picnic tap in the kit. Save the hassle and headaches of bottling and skip straight to pouring draft beer at home!

This kit is completely upgradeable. And when you're ready to move on to all-grain brewing (if you decide), then you're most of the way there already!
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