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Hop Helper 750 - Redesigned Hop Spider
Hop Helper 750 - Redesigned Hop Spider

Stainless Steel Mesh Hop Helper - 750

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Our most Extreme Hop Helperâ„¢. Insanely large mouth design. Provides an outstanding 44.2 in2 surface area for your hops. This equals a 250.79% increase over 4" models!

The Hop Helper 750 eliminates most pellet hop particles from escaping the boil kettle. Protecting your pumps and precious equipment from damage. Helps to keep your wort crystal clear. The wide design increases surface area where you need it. The top of the boil where your hop material is floating, not the dead spot at the bottom. This greatly increases the utilization over smaller diameter models.

The 300 series mesh is the standard for for hop straining via stainless mesh. It will stop virtually all hop material to make the clearest wort possible. Recirculate wort through the helper to assist flow. Or just simply use a spoon to remove build up of broken hop material periodically as you boil. Without circulation or occasional stirring it will clog doing what it is does, stopping almost all of your pellet material from getting in the boil.

Recommended for extreme brewers who push the limits with hops spices and adjuncts.