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Amarillo (1 lb)
Amarillo (1 lb)

US Amarillo VGXP01 Hop Pellets (1 lb)

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The US Amarillo VGXP01 hop pellets was discovered as well as introduced by the Virgil Gamache Farms located in Washington State. The tree itself is resistant to powdery mildew and downy. It is considered as one of the top 10 hop varieties used in making craft beers. It is a dual purpose hop pellets that is used for its aroma and as a bittering agent.

The most important feature of this particular hop pellet is its high alpha acids at 7% to 11%. It also has the highest level of myrcene which is at 40% to 50% of the total oil. This gives the entire hop pellets a strong citrus and grapefruit flavours. The other specific aroma descriptors of the US Amarillo VGXP01 include orange, melon, lemon, peach and apricot. Aside from the strong aroma, it also imparts moderate bittering to the final brew.

It is suitable for making Belgian IPAs, American ales, IPA and Double IPA. If not available, it can be substituted with Centennial, Ahtanum, Summit and Cascade but the flavours are not as strong compared to using this particular hop pellets.

To ensure that the US Amarillo VGXP01 hop pellets will retain its strong flavour, make sure to store it in a cool, dry and dark place. The storage area should not have a temperature exceeding 20 degrees Celsius.

YCH or LD Carlson Packaging

Typical Beer Styles: American-Style Ale, and IPA

Possible Substitutions:
  • Centennial
  • Ahtanum
  • Summit
  • Cascade
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