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UK Fuggle Hop Pellets 1 LB
UK Fuggle Hop Pellets 1 LB

UK Fuggle Hop Pellets (1 lb)

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There are different types of hops available for home brewers. The UK Fuggle hops are raised in England as a chance seedling. It has long been used in making English-style brews and is mainly used for its aroma and not for adding a solid or intense bitter flavour to the beer.

This particular English hops is characterized by a woody, slightly fruity and earthy undertone. It also imparts a late-hop flavour that is wonderfully described as a mildly pleasant pipe tobacco and floral characters.

The UK Fuggle hop pellets are suitable in brewing most English-style ales, bitters, ESBs, lagers, brown ale, porter, stout and pale ale. If there are no available UK Fuggle hops in your area, you can substitute it with Willamette, US Fuggle and Styrian Golding.

Make sure to store it in a place that is dark and with a temperature of not more than 20 degrees Celsius as the alpha and beta acids tend to dissipate easily with heat. Using it within six months after opening is important in retaining the characteristics of the hops.

YCH or LD Carlson Packaging

Typical Beer Styles: English-Style Bitter, Stout, Brown Ale, Porter, and Pale Ale

Possible Substitutions:
  • US Fuggle
  • Styrian Golding
  • Willamette
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