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NZ Motueka Hops
NZ Motueka Hops

NZ Motueka Hop Pellets (1 lb)

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Hops are flowers from the Humulus lupulus. Hops provide stability as well as the bitterness in beer. There are different varieties of hops home brewers use to make beer. Depending on the types of hops used, brewers can create different flavours of beer.

The NZ Motueka Hop Pellets is one of the varieties of hops that home brewers use in making beer. Also referred as the B Saaz hops because it is a direct descendant of the Saazer hops, it is widely known for its citrusy undertone which is similar to lime, lemon and other tropical fruits.

The final product is infused with a bold aroma. The Motueka hop pellets are suitable for brewing European-style lagers, Belgians, and English ales. It can also spice up your favourite Indian pale ale. This particular hop can create a multitude number of beer styles.

The Alpha Acid content of the Motueka hops is between 6.5% and 8.5%. This variety of hops contain 29% cohumulone which means that it contains ample amounts of Alpha Acids and Beta Acids responsible for the bitter flavour of the beer. This high value of Alpha Acid contributes to the solid bitterness of the final brew.

The NZ Motueka Hop Pellets are available in a 1lb package to encourage home brewers to create large batches of beer. Do make sure that the pellets are consumed within six months of opening otherwise they lose their Alpha Acid which will produce beer with substandard flavour.

YCH or LD Carlson Packaging

Typical Beer Styles: English-Style Ale, Lager, and Pilsner

Possible Substitutions:
  • Saaz
  • Sterling
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