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In-Line Regulator
In-Line Regulator

Kegland In-Line Co2 Regulator

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This in-line regulator is suitable for gas or liquid. It is constructed out of non corrosive acetyl, nitrile, and stainless components. At the base of the regulator are two mounting points allowing it to be securely attached to wherever you desire. Included with the regulator are two 1/4" OD brass barbs.

The intended use for this in-line regulator is to reduce the pressure of your gas or liquid lines. You can use it to lower the CO2 pressure going into a keg, or use it to reduce the main water pressure to anywhere between 0-150 PSI.

To adjust the regulator's pressure simply adjust with a normal flat head screw driver.

  • 1/4" OD brass barbs
  • 2 Mounting points
  • Non corrosive acetyl, nitrile, and stainless components
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