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Keg Charger
Keg Charger

Co2 Cartridge Keg Charger

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Great for homebrewers, it is small, compact and easy to use. Trigger controlled inflation. Built using high-strength glass-reinforced nylon with brass valve internals. Uses threaded co2 cartridges NOT INCLUDED.

WARNING: Never attach the ball or pin lock valve to the charger first. It can cause the valve to be OVER-PRESSURIZED and fail. Always attach the ball or pin lock valve to the keg first, then attach the Cornelius CO2 Keg Charger to the disconnect valve. This product needs an MFL pin lock or ball lock disconnect to dispense homebrew kegs. To dispense commercial kegs, use a universal tailpiece on the gas side of your coupler.

Please Note: This product is meant to be used with threaded cartridges. Non-threaded cartridges will still work, although you may need a spacer to hold in place.
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