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Line Cleaning Kit for Faucets, Beer Towers, Shanks
Line Cleaning Kit for Faucets, Beer Towers, Shanks

Line Cleaner Kit

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Please Note: This product is recommended for commercial use only

This kit is for cleaning your lines. Prevents build up of bacteria which causes off flavours, just follow the instructions and keep your beverages tasting the way they're supposed to.

  • Cleaning kit line (that attaches to any PET (Coke or Pepsi) bottle) that ties directly into the beer lines of your system once the faucet is removed
  • 7-in-1 Faucet Spanner Wrench to service your complete system
  • Faucet Brush
  • New! 4oz Beverage System Cleaner (for approximately 8 cleanings, 1/2 oz Cleaner to 1/4 gal hot water)

Instructions: Fill your pump station bottle with the recommended concentration of the cleaning solution and connect the fitting on the hose to the shank that you removed the faucet from. Pump the solution through the shank, line and tap, recirculate for 15 minutes (longer if old line), flush cleaning solution with clean water.

Helpful hint. When cleaning your beer lines do not use hot water. Hot water will distort (melt) your lines and cause turbulence when the beer pushes through. The pockets caused by distorted lines harbour bacteria.
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