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Best Pale Ale Malt - Crisp (1 lb)
Best Pale Ale Malt - Crisp (1 lb)

Best Pale Ale Malt - Crisp (1 lb)

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Crisp's Best Pale Ale Malt is sourced from the very best local farmers who are partnered with Crisp Malting Group and are qualified through ABC Grower Group. The malting process produces an ideal, well modified malt. Which is achieved through the combination of high cast moistures, and a balance of germination time and temperature. The even sweet, malty flavour coupled with the characteristic higher colour result in this malt being another fantastic and distinct Crisp malt.

For an authentic British flavour in your ESB, IPA, or Porter, try Crisp Pale Ale Malt. This base malt uses the best British 2-row barley that is kilned to a very light degree to facilitate a pale colour and a rich malty, slightly sweet flavour that defines British ales. Crisp Pale Ale Malt is characterized by lower protein content compared to continental base malts, while its high diastatic power allows using large amounts of adjuncts and specialty malts to brew a very broad range of beer styles. While being an excellent choice for making authentic British ales, Crisp Pale Ale Malt can be used for nearly all types of ales and lagers out there.

  • EBC: 11.8 - 17.1
  • Lovibond: 5.0 - 7.0°
  • Use up to 100% in batch
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