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English Pale Ale Malt - OiO (1 lb)
English Pale Ale Malt - OiO (1 lb)

English Pale Ale Malt - Rahr/OiO (1 lb)

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OiO's English Pale Ale Malt is made from high quality 2-row barley. It adds a complex malty flavour with notes of bread, dried fruits, and honey.

Processed for iconic "English" characteristics, this malt is highly modified for single or multi-step infusions. It is the perfect foundational grist for almost any ale, but it is great in lager-making as well.

As the name suggests, English Pale Ale Malt by OiO is a base malt specifically designed for brewing British Ales, but it doesn't stop there. Made from Canada-grown 2-row barley of the same variety that is used by British producers, this malt delivers a pleasant light colour, distinct flavour profile, and high diastatic power, which allows using brewing adjuncts in the mash. As a result, English Pale Ale malt can be used on its own for brewing traditional British Ales, or as a part of a more complex grain bill, which expands the range of possible beer styles for the brewer to consider.