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Maris Otter - OiO (1 lb)
Maris Otter - OiO (1 lb)

Maris Otter - Rahr/OiO (1 lb)

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Maris Otter is essential for brewing traditional British Ales, and if you want to obtain the distinct flavour of an ESB or Mild, having this malt in your brewing inventory is a must. Produced by employing the traditional method of floor malting, Maris Otter delivers a deep golden colour and a very unique flavour and aroma.

When used in 100% of the grain bill, it confers the beer a mild nutty, bready flavour with hints of biscuit exactly the flavour nuances that make British ales so unique. When used with conjunction with specialty malts, Maris Otter can serve as a base for a variety of British and American beers styles, including Pale Ales, ESBs, Stouts, Milds, Porters, IPAs, Scottish Ales, and many others.