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Vienna Malt - Swaen (1 lb)
Vienna Malt - Swaen (1 lb)

Vienna Malt - Swaen (1 lb)

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Swaen Vienna is an ideal malt for producing golden beer and improving the fullness of your beer's palate. It can also be used in combination with a large proportion of speciality malts thanks to it's enzymatic activity. This particular malt can also be used to add a subtle toffee aroma to your beer.

Vienna malt is commonly associated with Vienna lager, as it serves as the traditional base malt for this beer style. But it can be used in a broader variety of styles with great results. Vienna malt is slightly deeper in colour than Pilsner and Pale base malts, and contributes to a fuller body with a slight hint of toffee. It is often used for amplifying the malt character of the beer, achieving deeper golden colour and fuller body, often in conjunction with other base malts. Vienna has enough enzymatic power to contribute up to 100% of the grain bill and to be used with specialty malts and adjuncts. Traditional in Vienna lager recipes, it is often used for brewing Golden ale, Amber ale, Maibock and Marzen beers as well.

  • EBC: 9 - 12
  • Lovibond: 4.0 - 5.0°
  • Use up to 100% in batch
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