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CBW Light Dry Malt Extract
CBW Light Dry Malt Extract

Briess Dry Malt Extract (DME) - CBW Light (1 lb)

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Beer is brewed by fermenting sugar from malted barley. Malted barley is created by soaking the barley to initiate germination. Once it starts sprouting, it activates the enzyme that converts starch reserves to sugar that the plant can use in order to grow. The brewer then crushes the barley and soaks them in hot water to accelerate the activity of the enzyme to create more sugar. The light dry malt extract is not hopped as the hop compounds easily get lost during the dehydration process. Once ready to be used, it is then boiled with hops and fermented using yeast to create beer.

The light dry malt extract is produced wholly from pure malt extract to create naturally-conditioned ales. It is ideal for making beer with light colours and taste. The light dry malt extract can help improve the body as well as the head retention of the beer. It can also add a tinge of malt character to your ale thus enhancing the natural flavour, aroma and imparts a deeper colour to your finished beer.

The mild malt taste provided by the light dry malt extract makes it an excellent addition when making any type of beer. Examples of beer that use light dry malt extracts are Munich and Vienna Malts to name a few.