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Malt Muncher Dual Roller Mill
Malt Muncher Dual Roller Mill

Malt Muncher Dual Roller Malt Mill

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The mill breaks down the malted barley into tiny pieces so that the mashing liquid can easily seep into the middle of the barley. This process is necessary because it allows the starch within the endosperm of the barley to ferment and create the beer flavour as well as its alcohol content.

While home brewers can opt to grind the malted barley with a kitchen mortar and pestle, the process is very time consuming as you need to pound large batches of barley to create a substantial amount of beer. Thus, home brewers rely on a machined mill such as the Malt Muncher Dual Roller Malt Mill.

This mill is built to last and is sure to hold it's own over a lifetime of use. The dual rollers are made out of cold rolled steel, whereas the body is constructed out of 6061 Aluminum with hardened steel bearings.

The miller also features knurled rollers that can be adjusted on each end to produce evenly crushed malted barley. This allows home brewers to pull the barley to the rollers without destroying the hull. An intact hull is crucial for sparging.

When milling it can be hazardous to have the rollers exposed as particles can fly out during processing. Luckily this Malt Muncher comes with sides that fully enclose the rollers.

It comes with a removable hand crank which can be replaced with a 1/2" drill rotor.

Please Note: The 7lb hopper is included.
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