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Advanced Bottling & Kegging Kit
Advanced Bottling & Kegging Kit

Advanced Bottling & Kegging Kit

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An all-in-one package to quickly carbonate and bottle your homebrew without the need for a bottling bucket and priming sugar. The advantage to this system is the ability to carbonate much quicker than the standard way of bottling. With the included carbonation lid / carbonation stone in place, and your homebrew in the keg, simply connect the CO2 and wait for the carbonation to be achieved in a day or two, instead of a week or two (when priming with sugar in the bottle). A picnic faucet assembly is also included in the package, with this you can either dispense your brew, or simply use it to sample your product and test for carbonation to let you know when it's time to bottle.

With the included Blichmann BeerGun V2 bottling has never been easier. The new V2 design is more ergonomic, faster and easier to clean, and even more intuitive thanks to suggestions and feedback from homebrewers. In addition the V2 comes in a easy carrying case and the now comes with the accessory kit packed in. There's no better way to bottle homebrew. The Taprite Dual Product Dual Pressure Regulator allows for two separate pressures, one for the keg and one for the BeerGun itself. (Read the Blichmann BeerGun instructions for proper use). Why bottle? Many homebrewers like to bottle their beer for entering competitions. With carbonating in the keg, and bottling with the Blichmann BeerGun V2 it greatly reduces the amount of yeast sediment in the bottle, which can lead to a better appearance and clarity in your beer. Some like the option of dispensing from the keg until they have another one ready to go, bottle off the rest of the current batch so the fresh keg can be tapped

  • Taprite High Performance Dual Product Regulator
  • 6' of Bevlex 200 Beer Line (Thick wall 3/16" ID X 7/16" OD)
  • 4' of Ultraflex Gas Tubing (5/16" ID x 9/16" OD)
  • Ball Lock MFL Threaded Gas & Beverage CMBecker Disconnects
  • Stainless Steel Swivel Nuts (1/4" Barb for Beverage, 5/16" Barb for Gas)
  • Cobra Tap (Picnic Faucet)
  • Stainless Steel Hose Clamps
  • New 5 Gallon Cornelius Ball Lock OBKeg With Dual Handle - 304 Stainless Steel
  • Carbonation Lid with Carbonation Stone Assembly
  • Blichmann Stainless Steel BeerGun V2 Bottle Filler (Free Blichmann BeerGun Accessory Kit Included)
  • *New (Empty) Luxfer Aluminum CO2 Tank is Optional
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