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2 Pack of American Oak Sticks, Medium Toasted
2 Pack of American Oak Sticks, Medium Toasted

Oak Sticks - American Medium Toast (2 Pack)

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This is a 2 pack of American Oak Sticks, medium toasted. Measuring 15" in height and approximately 3/8" x 3/8" in length/width designed for optimal extraction. The size of the sticks are an easy fit through the mouth of a glass or plastic carboy. Extraction times are similar to that of oak in cube form (approximately 2-3 months contact time). Medium toast sticks can bring an aromatic sweetness, a roasty campfire attribute and a nice mouthfeel. Replicate barrel flavours such as vanilla, caramelized oak, and a light fruity note. Longer contact time means longer extraction of flavours (3-6 months), which will lead to a much more complex and smooth combination of flavours and aromatics. Medium toasted oak is suitable for stouts, porters, barleywine, sour beers, strong dark belgian ales, etc.

Oak sticks allow for homebrewers and winemakers to impart a terrific oak flavour and aroma by aging in carboys, plastic buckets or steel tanks.

Usage Directions:
  • Suggested amount is 1 - 2 sticks per 5 gallons of beer or wine
  • Leave sticks in contact for a minimum of two to three months


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