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2 Pack of French Oak Sticks Heavy Toasted
2 Pack of French Oak Sticks Heavy Toasted

Oak Sticks - French Heavy Toast (2 Pack)

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This is a 2 pack of French Oak Sticks, heavy toasted. Measuring 15" in height and approximately 3/8" x 3/8" in length/width designed for optimal extraction. The size of the sticks are an easy fit through the mouth of a glass or plastic carboy. Extraction times are similar to that of oak in cube form (approximately 2-3 months contact time). Add to beer or wine to impart an aromatic sweetness, full mouthfeel and flavours of dark fruit, raisin, creme brulee, milk chocolate and an intense campfire/roast coffee character! Age for a similar taste/flavour to that of a barrel aged beer or wine. Terrific oak flavour and aroma. Longer contact time means longer extraction of flavours (3-6 months), which will lead to a much more complex and smooth combination of flavours and aromatics.

Oak sticks allow for homebrewers and winemakers to impart a terrific oak flavour and aroma by aging in carboys, plastic buckets or steel tanks.

Usage Directions:
  • Suggested amount is 1 - 2 sticks per 5 gallons of beer or wine
  • Leave sticks in contact for a minimum of two to three months


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