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Satisfaction Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied with any item you buy from OBK, at any time during your use of it (within 30 days of purchase), return it, and we will refund your full purchase price. We mean every word of it. Whatever. Whenever. But to make sure we are clear, we've decided to simplify it further. GUARANTEED. Period. (Purchase price only of product minus shipping for customer returns). Exclusions: Burners and items used not as intended can not be returned. Perishable goods can not be returned.

Price Matching Guarantee
Ontariobeerkegs is Canada's leader for Quality Kegerator Conversion kits. We will absolutely price match any Canadian retailers advertised conversion kit built with brand name components (You will not find one). We will not match conversion kits made with Chinese regulators. The most critical part of the Kegerator is the carbon dioxide delivery system.

Price Protection Guarantee
OntarioBeerKegs Inc has no price protection guarantee. Due to the volume of special promotions and flash sales we run, we do not offer price protection under any circumstances.

Honesty Guarantee
Our ability to bring you quality products depends on your honest feedback. We want you to have the best experience possible. That is why we are Canada's first draft supply shop to enable reviews. It takes massive amounts of hard work and excellent customer service to let people post honest opinions of a product. Please take the time to read some while you visit us. Hopefully, one day we will have the pleasure of reading one of yours!

Freshness Guarantee
We have the freshest brewing ingredients in Canada. Not only do we claim it, but we 100% stand by it and also prove it. Our Beer Grains rotate on a two-week basis. Liquid yeast is restocked bi-weekly and sold on a first-in, first-out basis. If we pack your order and notice the yeast is at or past expiration, we refund it. And ship it to you for free.

In Stock Guarantee
We are confident that if a product is on the website and not marked out-of-stock, it is in stock. Occasionally, product stock may not match our website. If this happens, we will contact you by phone or email, or both within the next business day. If we fail to do this, we will refund your purchase price and ship your entire order that is available for free. Due to seasonal volume, *Shipping guarantees do not apply between Nov 25th-Dec 5th.

Shipping Guarantee
All orders will ship within one business day unless contacted for an In-Stock Guarantee. Canadian addresses will have automatic emails sent from the chosen carrier at 5 PM the business day it ships. These may appear in your spam folder. Although we guarantee to ship promptly, we hold no control over the transit time after entering the carrier's hands.

Canada Post items are not scanned when they leave our facility due to shipping freight. The tracking details page will not say picked up in Mitchell. Your tracking numbers will not update until it hits your local facility or a sorting center. This may cause a few days of delay in the ability to track.

Real Person Guarantee
We are a family-owned business and want to help you. When you email, a real person will respond to your question or concern. We do not outsource our customer service. Our expert staff has industry leaders and award-winning brewers ready to help. We answer all emails within one business day. If your emails are not being answered, we are not getting them. Some studies put undelivered emails at over 10%. If you do not get a response, please try emailing us again.

Family Treatment Guarantee
Family. We do not always like what they say to us, but we always listen. Send your suggestions and feedback to [email protected] with the title "Suggestion Box."

Community Leaders
Ontariobeerkegs is committed to the community we live in. We encourage our staff to be active members, and we hire locally. Making a difference is easy to do when we all work together. We are also a 'Living Wage Employer' in Ontario, and as such, we are honoured to display this badge.

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