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Ultimate Oxygenator Kit with Tank
Ultimate Oxygenator Kit with Tank

Ultimate Oxygenator Kit With Tank

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Ultimate Oxygenator Kit

This kit is for the 'serious homebrewer' who wants to control, and know, how much Oxygen they are injecting into the wort. The kit consists of the following:

1. A refillable 20 CF O2 cylinder. Has 20 times the O2 of the disposable unit, (good for about 500 batches of beer). Tank gets hydrotested every 10 years and is easily, (and cheaply) filled at any participating welding gas company (check your local vendors). The tank will outlive us. It is 17 3/4" tall and 5" in diameter.
2. An O2 regulator that not only reflects the remaining tank pressure, but has a control knob where you can adjust outlet pressure between 1/32 and 4 liters per minute. So you KNOW and can MEASURE how much O2 you're injecting.
3. A 22 inch stainless wand with 2 micron stone attached, so you can position the stone exactly where you want in the carboy and stay sanitary throughout the process. It's attached to the reg with 5 feet of 1/2" tubing.

These oxygen tanks have ISO stamps on them. Some vendors may claim that they can only fill DOT stamped tanks and not ISO. While this may be their policy, ISO is the current standard in the United States and abroad. These tanks are tested. More information about the differences between ISO and DOT stamps can be found below:

ISO vs. DOT/TC High Pressure Cylinders

Gas Filling and Certification Overview

1. In addition to the USA and Canada, UN/ISO cylinders are approved for use in almost every country around the world. This means cylinders can cross country borders and still be filled easily.

UN/ISO is a worldwide, harmonized regulation for compressed gas cylinders that is universally recognized.

2. Higher rated capacities allow for UN/ISO cylinders to be easily integrated into a fleet of DOT / TC cylinders (UN/ISO service pressures are at or above the common fill pressure of a DOT cylinder with a + 10% overfill designation). Also, our UN/ISO cylinders contain friendly markings with service pressures rated in PSI and BAR.

3. UN/ISO cylinders remain in circulation at maximum capacity for life of tank. Due to the higher design ratings for pressure, ISO cylinders do not require REE (Rejection Elastic Expansion) testing to achieve the common cylinder service pressures used and approved in North America. While REE is a valuable and stringent test, DOT cylinders will often have their max fill pressure ratings reduced. This is very inconvenient for fillers because they like to fill many cylinders at once with the same pressure.
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