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Omega Yeast Belgian Wit Ale Yeast - OYL030
Omega Yeast Belgian Wit Ale Yeast - OYL030

Omega Belgian Wit Ale Yeast [OYL030]

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Belgian Wit Ale yeast is a classic and distinct strain that produces an excellent beer of the refreshing, easy-drinking style. The flavour profile is complex and carried by the spicy phenolics, while at the same time being supported by good ester character. It is a great choice when you want a delicate clover profile that is not overshadowed by esters. It is lightly tart and ferments fairly dry, the tart finish is complimented through the use of oats, unmalted, and malted wheat.

This strain is true top cropping yeast, thus requiring full fermenter headspace of 33%.

Includes Free Ice Pack

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