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Inline Chugger Pump Kit with Camlock Connections
Inline Chugger Pump Kit with Camlock Connections

Inline Chugger Pump Kit (Camlock)

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This kit makes it simple, and includes all the parts necessary, to pump liquids from one vessel to another. Connecting this system to your home brewery will allow for gravity draining and transferring to wherever you need it to go. Camlock connections makes it quick easy to connect and disconnect hoses as needed.

Stainless Steel Inline Chugger Pump: A pump that moves liquid around with ease, whether it be hot wort from mash tun to brew kettle or re-circulating through a plate chiller and back through a whirlpool arm. All materials are FDA food compliant and the components are UL recognized. The inline version features 180° opposite inlets and outlets. Can handle liquids of up to 250°F. Inlet and outlet connections are 1/2" Male NPT.

Configuration: This is the order from starting point to finishing point in which the liquid will travel through the system. (All fittings are Stainless Steel)

Camlock A or F (Option for Vessel) > Camlock C > 5' of 1/2" ID Silicone Hose > Camlock A > Inline Chugger Pump > 3 Piece Ball Valve > Camlock F > Camlock C > 5' of 1/2" ID Silicone Hose > Camlock C > Camlock A or F (Option for Vessel)

Vessel Connection Options: Two Camlock vessel connections are included with this kit. These options are dependent on the setup of your own system and whether the threading on your vessels are male, female, or one of each. Most common will be two "F" Camlocks as pumps are typically connected between female ball valves. Or often times "A" Camlocks are fitted to plate chiller input/output. But your system may be different. Map it out with your own parts before selecting.

Note: Chugger pumps are not self-priming. First, the pump head must be flooded with liquid prior to turning on the pump. If the pump begins making loud noises or squeals, shut it down and make sure the head is full of liquid. To regulate the flow rate of the pump, it must always be on the output side of the pump (as shown in pictures). Use PTFE tape on all threaded connections.

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