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RAPT Wifi & Bluetooth Temperature Controller
RAPT Wifi & Bluetooth Temperature Controller

RAPT Temperature Controller (Wifi & Bluetooth)

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Introducing the RAPT WiFi & Bluetooth Temperature Controller - an excellent device that allows you to fully monitor, track and control both heating and cooling devices over the internet using the app and portal. Set your temperature profiles no matter how complex and see the temperature change automatically over time.

Use the RAPT web portal to monitor, log, and control the devices that are plugged into the control box remotely. It's colour display screen will clearly show the temperature, displaying a graph of past and future temperature settings making it easy to perform accurate profile temperature steps. Designed to be plug and play, it has two very clearly marked power sockets to easily discern your heating and cooling devices. Control a fridge or heating device at the same time to completely monitor and control the temperature through the full brewing process.

It comes with a PID heating function, which is often used for higher powered devices. This function greatly reduces the risk of scorching and will provide a far more consistent temperature control experience with less fluctuation. The controller provides control over a wide temperature range, enabling you to control devices between -20°C to 120°C.

Easily mount this controller to a wide range of options such as a hanging point or hook, or even on top of a fridge or brewery. Simply unscrew the mounting plate and match it to your desired position.

Required Applications

  • Measures and Controls Temperature
  • PID Heating Function
  • Temperature Control Range: -20°C to 120°C
  • RAPT Mobile App is available for compatible Android smartphones/tablets, and Apple iPhones/iPads
  • Wi-Fi or Bluetooth that integrates with the RAPT Mobile App, or the RAPT IOT.
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