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Wireless Hydrometer & Thermometer RAPT Pill (Wifi & Bluetooth)
Wireless Hydrometer & Thermometer RAPT Pill (Wifi & Bluetooth)

RAPT Pill - Wireless Hydrometer & Thermometer (Wifi & Bluetooth)

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The RAPT Pill is designed to provide an excellent way to provide accurate and precise, true real-time specific gravity and temperature logging and control. This is handled by either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth that integrates with the RAPT Fermentation Chamber, RAPT Mobile App, or the RAPT IOT.

It acts as both a real-time gravity testing hydrometer and thermometer allowing you to instantly measure the specific gravity and temperatures. The all-in-one design also allows logging from inside your fermenter during fermentation making this a must have brewing accessory.

Compared to other wireless hydrometers and thermometers the RAPT pills provides a tough design, better ergonomics, sanitary design, and is less susceptible to errors doe to hops, krausen, or CO2 bubbles generated from fermentation.

The aforementioned RAPT Mobile App is available for compatible Android smartphones/tablets, and Apple iPhones/iPads. Alternatively you can take advantage of the instant reading and logs with the RAPT IOT hub on your Windows or Mac Computer.

One of the key features of the RAPT Pill is the long battery life that can last as long as 2 - 5 months between charges when utilizing Wi-Fi. If you prefer to use only Bluetooth then the battery can last 2+ years before needing to be recharged. It has a USB-C charging port on the circuit board allowing fast charging from any USB-C cable.

Please Note: The RAPT Pill should be charged for 24 hours prior to use. Doing so ensures that it is fully charged and the battery is calibrated. Once it is connected using USB-C and connected to your Wi-Fi network it will automatically download the latest firmware update if available. It must be plugged in via USB-C and connected to Wi-Fi in order to receive crucial firmware updates.

Warranty Information:
At OBK we provide a 6-month warranty for the RAPT Pill. This warranty covers the unit in it's entirety.

  • Made out of strong BPA Free Tritan Plastic
  • Measures Gravity, and Temperature
  • Designed for improved usability and greater ergonomics
  • Sanitary design with no exposed thread and a double o-ring seal allowing it to be water tight reducing the risk of infection
  • The larger housing compared to other comparable wireless hydrometers makes the gravity logging less susceptible to errors from krausen, hops or CO2 bubbles from fermentation
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