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Fermentis S-23 Saflager Dry Lager Yeast
Fermentis S-23 Saflager Dry Lager Yeast

Fermentis Saflager Dry Lager Yeast [S-23] (11.5 g)

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This bottom fermenting yeast is originating from the VLB (Berlin) in Germany and is known under the code RH. The strain is used by Western European commercial breweries and has been reported to produce lagers with some fruity and estery notes. There are two types of yeasts used in making beer: ale and lager yeasts. Lager yeasts are bottom fermenters. This means that the yeast prefers to ferment starting at the bottom. The final flavour of the beer depends on the temperature the lager yeast is fermented as well as the type of lager yeast used. Lager yeasts grow less rapidly compared to ale yeasts and since the former is a bottom yeast, it produces less surface foam. As for floaties, it is a common occurrence in brewing beer especially when it is not pasteurized or filtered.

Dry lager yeast also ferments at lower temperatures compared to ale yeasts. They ferment at temperatures less than 400F to produce brews that have some ester and fruity taste in them. It can be used to create a myriad variety of beers such as lager and pilsner styles. Since it is available in dried brick form, it is very easy to use. California Common Beer is made from certain lager yeasts fermented at 53.6° to 59°F.The yeast is carefully dehydrated to preserve its unique traits. It can be stored for up to two years without losing its optimal condition and viability so you can create continuous batches of beer for a long time. The Fermentis S-23 dry lager yeast brick is a great yeast strain to use for recreating European-quality lager and pilsner beer.

  • This yeast strain originates from VLB (Berlin) in Germany
  • Produces lager that has both ester and fruity flavors in it
  • Has medium final gravity thus sedimentation or occurrence of floaties is high
  • Sold as a 11.5g yeast packet
  • Yeast remains active for two years
  • Widely used in European breweries, using it will produce European-like quality beers
  • Best fermented at temperatures 53.6 - 59°F
  • A good yeast for producing lager, American malt liquors, Bocks, Dortmunders, and pilsner type brews

  • Total Esters: Low
  • Total Superior Alcohols: Low
  • Apparent Attenuation: 80 - 84%
  • Apparent Sedimentation: Fast
  • Alcohol Tolerance (ABV): 9 - 11%
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