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Fermtech Sample Thief (19" Length)
Fermtech Sample Thief (19" Length)

Fermtech Plastic Sample Thief

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This Fermtech Sample Thief is 19" in length. Allows you to draw samples to take a hydrometer reading, check for clarity and colour, and taste! Faster than using a regular test jar, it also lets you return the wort to the fermenter with less risk of infection, and cutting down on losing any of the finished product. Simply dip once for the quick sample, you can simultaneously take a hydrometer reading by inserting the hydrometer directly into The Thief. Just touch the tip to the rim of the carboy or bucket to empty The Thief.

Sanitize the unit before use, take a sample, then return the contents back to the fermenter if you choose. High grade acrylic for excellent clarity.

Please Note: Does not fit smaller 1/2 to 1 gallon Jugs/Carboys.

  • Made out of High Grade Acrylic for Excellent Clarity
  • 19" Length
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