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Series X Kegerator Dual Tower Basic Kit (Pin Lock Cornelius)

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Introducing the all new Series X Kegerator Dual Tower Basic Kit!

For the first time OBK is offering kegerator kits that come fully equipped with duotight connections. Using all duotight hardware allows the use of a wide range of different components and easy system upgradability. All you need to provide is your own Co2 tank.

This Kegerator comes equipped with a Multi-Gas Co2 Regulator (100 PSI, 3000 PSI) [MK4] as well as beverage and gas disconnects. It has 8mm duotight connections that easily connect to the included EVABarrier tubing.

This kit comes with all required hardware and equipment to attach dual pin lock kegs. Kegs are NOT included.

Kegerator Fridge Features:
  • New and improved Font Fan
  • New Circuit Boards with temperature control, calibration, and on-board memory functions
  • Sturdy guard rail system
  • Increased compressor power while being approximately 20% more electrically efficient
  • Improved drip tray & rear cylinder bracket holder
  • Glass holder and wire shelf