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Brushed Stainless Steel Beer Tower Duotight Kit - Single Faucet

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Looking for a simple and excellent way to take advantage of duotight hardware when dispensing beer from your keg or Series X Kegerator? Our brushed single faucet beer tower is your best buy!

The single faucet tower is finished in brushed stainless steel making it more resilient to small imperfections and scratches. In addition it is far less prone to getting fingerprint marks on it allowing it to further maintain its beautiful appearance.

The 3" (column) tower is air cooled (wider towers are kept cooler) and comes with two different sizes of Polyethylene Tubing. The 5' of 5/32" ID (4mm) X 5/16" OD (8mm) Polyethylene is used as the beer tubing and attaches to the tower shank. Meanwhile the included 13/64" ID (5mm) X 5/16" OD (8mm) Polyethylene is used as the gas tubing in case you want to hook up your gas.

The faucets are our newest, high quality, chrome plated brass faucets which can be upgraded easily to Nukatap, Taprite or Perlick faucets at time of ordering. The tap handles are included and are basic black but may not be exactly as shown.

Originally designed for use with the Series X Kegerator, this kit includes everything you will need to start dispensing using duotight hardware.

Duotight fittings are designed to work by simply pushing in the compatible tubing.

Inside each fitting are dual EPDM o-rings that provide superior sealing capacity due to having twice the sealing surface area when compared to other push in fittings. This makes Duotight fittings even more reliable and significantly reduces the chance of a leak.

For optimal performance it is recommended that when cutting your tubing it is cut straight, not on an angle, this helps to ensure a complete seal.

Please Note: You will need to use Duotight Food Grade Plastic (Push-In) Fittings - 1/4" FFL X 5/16" (8mm) in order to hook up your Polyethylene lines to 1/4" MFL Ball Lock Disconnects.