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16" Sight Gauge
16" Sight Gauge

Sight Gauge With Guard (16")

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It is challenging for home brewers to check on the status of the boiling wort without having to open the brew kettle at all times. Constant opening of the brew kettle may lead to the constant evaporation of the steam that can cause the wort to reduce its volume faster.

A sight gauge, also called a water gauge, is a tube that runs through the kettle that allows home brewers to observe the level of liquid inside. It also allows home brewers to see what is happening inside the kettle. They provide safety to the brewing operation. Simple sight gauges are made from glass tubes that link the contents inside the tank. The back of the tank is usually patterned to make it easier to see the fluid inside the kettle.

This sight gauge is encased inside a chrome-plated guard for protection against too much heat and even pressure. The stainless steel construction makes the sight gauge resistant against rust and corrosion so it will last for a long time. It is made from reinforced tempered glass to reduce the risk of the glass breaking or exploding. The sight gauge is 16 inches long.

The sight gauge comes with 1/8" male pipe thread which means that it can be upgraded with a thermometer. To install the sight gauge, a stainless steel sight gauge adapter is needed. Once bolted in, this accessory can be disassembled for easy cleaning.

Requires Stainless Steel Sight Gauge Adapter for installation.

  • Sight gauge encased inside a chrome-plated guard
  • Requires a stainless steel adapter for installation
  • Great for 20 gallon brew kettles or pots
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning
  • Sight gauge comes with a 1/8" male pipe thread
  • 16" Length


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