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Sight Gauge and Stainless Steel Thermometer Combo Kit
Sight Gauge and Stainless Steel Thermometer Combo Kit

Sight Gauge & Thermometer Combo

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The sight gauge is a tube-like accessory that can be installed on the kettle to allow home brewers to determine the amount of liquid inside the brew kettle. It provides home brewers a window on what is happening inside while the wort is boiling. Most sight gauges for home brewing are now available with an accompanying thermometer. The sight gauge and thermometer combo is a perfect combination for home brewers who are looking for a good accessory for their brew kettles. The package includes two important tools in brew kettles - thermometer and sight gauge.

The combo can fit into a 1/2" threaded port. The glass sight gauge option is 11 or 16 inches while the thermometer is 6 inches probe with a 3-inch face. The temperature reading is indicated for both Fahrenheit (-10 to 220 F) and Celsius (0 to 100 C).

The sight gauge and thermometer combo can be inserted in a 7/8" hole in the brew kettle. To keep it secure and free from leaks, the package comes with an o-ring, washer and lock nut. The male thread fittings should be wrapped in PTFE tape to make it completely leak-proof.

To install the thermometer, a weldless sight-glass adapter is needed as it also functions as a port where the thermometer will be screwed into place. However, homebrewers can opt not to install the thermometer by simply unscrewing it and screwing in place the adapter plug to avoid leaks.

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