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Bayou Classic SP50 Burner
Bayou Classic SP50 Burner

Bayou Classic Cast Iron High Pressure Tall Burner [SP50]

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This Bayou Classic burner is made out of cast iron and features a fully welded frame.

Integrated into the frame is the 360° Windscreen Protection. It is designed to protect from wind and ensure a steady and consistent flame.

The 14" diameter cooking surface supports pots/kettles with a minimum diameter of 12" and up to 20 quarts in size.

Included with the burner is an adjustable 10 PSI regulator and a 3' stainless steel braided hose.

It is taller than most standard burners standing at 21" in height which allows for convenient gravity transfer into your fermenter.

In addition it features a high-powered burner that outputs approx. 55,000 BTU, perfect for 5 gallon batch sizes.

  • Frame made out of Steel
  • Burner made out of Cast Iron
  • 14" Diameter Cooking surface
  • 21" Tall Welded Frame
  • Adjustable 0-10 PSI Regulator with brass control valve
  • 36" Stainless Steel braided hose
  • 360° Windscreen Protection
  • 55,000 BTUs
  • Fits pots up to 20 Quarts (min 12" diameter pot)


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