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The Taprite 4 Faucet "T" Beer Tower
The Taprite 4 Faucet "T" Beer Tower

Taprite Stainless Steel "T" Beer Tower - Four Faucet (Glycol Lines) [TT4CR-G]

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The American made Taprite Four Faucet "T" Beer Tower. Features a 3" column that is the perfect beer dispensing option for your home or business kegerator. Made of reliable stainless steel, you can rest assured this tower is durable. Whether for home or business use, this beer tower is approved for the wear and tear of commercial use while it also has the convenient capability to connect to all standard keg couplers.

The bevlex tubing included combines a low extraction inner contact surface with a flexible outer layer for excellent kink resistance and taste protection properties. This particular tower has the added benefit of glycol lines which when hooked up to your glycol chilling source allows glycol to run throughout the tower cooling your beer. In addition the tower has 1/4" of insulation ensuring your beer will stay cold.

Included are four chrome plated brass faucets, four black plastic tap handles, a 3" diameter "T" tower, bevlex tubing hose connectors, glycol lines, and a mounting gasket.