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3" Stainless Steel 1/2" MNPT Nipple
3" Stainless Steel 1/2" MNPT Nipple

Stainless Steel Nipple - 1/2" Male NPT (3")

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A stainless steel nipple is a type of fitting installed on many brew kettles. A nipple is a short pipe made from threaded stainless steel, brass or copper with external male pipe thread at each end. They are used in connecting hoses and they also serve as secondary valves for brew kettles.

There is approximately a 5/8" of thread on both sides of this fitting and a 1 3/4" section that is not threaded. Locknuts do not work on this product.

Installing the nipple requires a 7/8" hole. When drilling a hole for the nipple, pour cold water on the surface of the pot and bit to prevent the surface of the pot from getting too hot. Otherwise, it will ruin the bit and also the pot as well.

For easier connection, this nipple comes with a male pipe thread. Installing the ball valves and other couplers, using PTFE tape can provide a tight and leak-free seal. Washers and O-rings may also be used to seal everything up. However, the latter two are not included in the package; thus home brewers can opt for a PTFE tape instead, but regularly replacing the tape should be done every few months to maintain the seal of the nipples.