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Ss Brewtech Booch Tank - 1 BBL (42 Gallon)
Ss Brewtech Booch Tank - 1 BBL (42 Gallon)

Ss Brewtech Booch Tank - 1 BBL

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OBK is proud to announce we are the Canadian distributor for Ss Brewing Technologies. Retailers may contact us for bulk pricing and access to our wholesale section.

The Ss Brewtech 1 BBL (42 Gallon) Booch Tank is made of 304 Stainless Steel. This tank has been specially designed for the optimal brewing and fermenting of Kombucha.

One unique design aspect of this tank is the wide, fully removable lid that makes SCOBY retrieval easy. This lid is attached via 10 clamps and a silicone gasket that keeps it tight when secured and wide open and unobstructed when removed.

Also unique to the Booch tank is the 8" Tri-Clamp O2 port at the top of the lid. This open port when coupled with the included mesh cover allows the SCOBY to breath naturally allowing for unrestricted growth.

The sanitary welds and tri-clamp fittings provide a clean and sanitary environment ideal for Kombucha brewing.

This tank features a pro-style sample valve for easy sampling, a digital thermometer for checking fermentation temperatures, a O2 port with mesh screen, a pressure relief valve (PRV), a 1.5" butterfly valve, interior volume markings, and adjustable feet.

  • Heavy Duty 304 18-Gauge Stainless Steel
  • Polished Stainless Steel
  • 42 Gallon Capacity
  • Internal graduated markings (both litres and gallons)
  • Designed for optimal Kombucha brewing and fermenting
  • 100% Diameter Lid
  • LCD temperature display
  • Dished bottom design traditionally found in professional brewing operations
  • Adjustable feet
  • 8" Tri-Clamp O2 Port
  • 2" Tri-Clamp Side Port with Cap
  • High quality 1.5" TC fittings & valves

  • Mesh Screen for O2 Port
  • Sampling Valve
  • Thermowell
  • Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)
  • Unique Ss Short Handled Butterfly Valve

  • 33 1/2" Height (feet to top of lid)
  • 23 5/8" Diameter
  • 21 5/8" Inside Diameter
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