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Ss BrewTech 14 Gallon Unitank
Ss BrewTech 14 Gallon Unitank

Ss Brewtech Nano Series Unitank - 14 Gallon

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OBK is proud to announce we are the Canadian distributor for Ss Brewing Technologies. Retailers may contact us for bulk pricing and access to our wholesale section.

This Ss Brewtech Unitank is apart of the Nano Series line. It is designed to provide a middle step between home and professional brewing.

It is made out of certified 304 stainless steel and provides all the great features professional brewers have come to love with the larger Unitanks. It serves the purpose of many different brewing vessels plus, it ensures a sterilized brewing environment. It features 100% TC connections, lid mounted immersion chiller coil for temp control and crashing, and the ability to carbonate in-vessel

The Nano Series Unitank may be used for fermentation, conditioning, carbing and packaging/serving all from this one vessel.

DOES NOT INCLUDE: FTSs temp controller, water pump, power supply, or tubing.
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