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Ss BrewTech One Barrel Brite Tank
Ss BrewTech One Barrel Brite Tank

Ss Brewtech Brite Tank - 1 BBL

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OBK is proud to announce we are the Canadian distributor for Ss Brewing Technologies. Retailers may contact us for bulk pricing and access to our wholesale section.

The Ss BrewTech One Barrel Brite Tank is made of 304 Stainless Steel. This tank is a smaller version of our professional grade Brite Tanks, and is designed with home brewing in mind.

The Brite Tank cuts down carbonation time significantly from 5-7 days to around 24 hours. In addition the tank enables you to store your one barrel batch of beer in one container, improving beer ageing and making cleaning a breeze. The Brite Tank has a large bottom surface area that allows yeast to settle.

Here are a few more reasons Ss BrewTech says makes this the perfect piece of brewing equipment for homebrewers and nano/craft breweries:
  • you can condition and age in one vessel
  • center drain which allows for low velocity pickup
  • large bottom surface area allowing the yeast to settle and gather

This tank features pressure and temperature monitoring, a sight tube for visibly assessing your beer, an integrated Carb Stone, a large 8" TC top port (with clamp), a sampling valve, a thermowell, a 1.5" Butterfly Valve, and adjustable feet.